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High Quality Fishery products

Ready to serve the global demand. 


What We Do


Catch Operations

We operate our own vessels and sea-froze our products to maintain the quality.    


Fishery Trading

With diverse range of clients, we promote products to the local and global market.

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Supply Chain

7 Days a week in providing consistent supply for food and retail businesses.


Coldstorage Rental

We commit ourselves in providing a safe and convenient cold-storage service for our partners


Why Naili Ocean?

With our strong experience in the fishery industry, our mission is to continue to deliver satisfaction and confidence for our customers. Here is why you should trust Naili Ocean. 

  1. Highly trained employees to maintain product quality. 

  2. Selected products, which means no rejected products. 

  3. Customer relations, we value our customers just like our family.

  4. Efficiency, from ordering process to delivery as smooth as possible.

Let us be your new Seafood partner.

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