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Our Company

PT. Naili Ocean is established in 2012 to promote fishery products from Indonesia. Our product selection includes Spanish Mackerel, Black Pomfret, Loligo Squid, Skipjack Tuna and other diverse fishery products. In order to deliver high-quality products, we operate our own vessels and applies high standards of operating procedure on all of our operations to ensure safety and fish quality.

Naili 25

The Long Journey

  • 1980: Mr. Suasan (Founder) begins working in the fishery industry

  • 1996: Started PT. Samudera Mandiri Selatan with one vessel

  • 2012: Started PT. Naili Ocean as a fishery trading company 

  • 2013: Completed the new Naili Ocean cold storage facility

  • 2014: Begins to export fishery products.

Cold-storage and Vessels

Currently, Naili Ocean has a strong foundation with its own fleet of vessels, facility and highly trained employees. Since 2012, our vast network of local and global clients has been giving us their confidence in delivering Frozen Seafood products to their needs. Our company strives to grow every year through innovations and ideas in delivering satisfaction and confidence for our clients.

PT. Naili Ocean, Excellence in the Seas

Let us be your new Seafood partner.

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